...the contact centre specialists

Celabix is a Contact Specialist Company.

We are a market leader in IP telephony products, contact centre, workforce management,
connectivity solutions, software development, system integration and consultancy. We are
a team of professionals with extensive experience in IT Services, Support, Project
Management and Quality Aassurance.

Call Recording
KnoahSoft is an innovative provider of VoIP-based call recording,...

Workforce Management
Solutions (WFM)

We supply leading workforce management solutions to match

Contact Centre

Empower your staff to get the most out of your technology investment.

Strategy and Operational

Infnity Global One brings a wealth of consultancy experience in the..

Celabix is committed to deliver solutions

that make its clients more profitable and successful at their core businesses.
At Celabix, we offer a wide range of services that fit different business requirements.
We're here to guide, advise, manage and operate your business systems using our skilled expertise,backed by years of experience.